Emmanuel's Earthly Goods

Nutrition Bars

Gluten free

Good Source of Protein

GMO free / Vegan

Oatmeal Raisin Bar $24.99 Box of 12 bars.


Chocolate Chip Bar $24.99 Box of 12 bars.


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Emmanuel's Earthly Goods


"My daughter absolutely loves these snack bars! She eats the entire bar! It is our go to healthy snack!"

Natasha Johnson - mother of a 3 year old

How DELICIOUS his bar is!!! Which is very important to me. I don't like the taste & texture of many of the other health bars. Most are like eating chalk & taste like chalk. Too me his 'EARTHLY GOODS' blows them away!

Chinook G. Wusdhu (Sensei, Sifu, Yogi)...

When I am on the go, but I am in need of a healthy snack that's quick, this snack bar provides me with everything I need!

Jennifer Edwards - health enthusiast

"The bars are delicious and great for on the go in-between snacks. Our 18 month old daughter loves them also. She refers to call them cookies. Works perfectly for us because she getting  good nutrition and protein!"

Jeff Bradley-writer

Deliciosa!! Muchas Gracias Emmanuel's

Elkin Rivera