Dandy Blend Tea - Your Herbal Coffee Alternative

Emmanuel's Earthly Goods is happy to bring this super tasty recipe for an alternative to coffee to you courtesy of Joyous Health and the Joyous Blog from Rachel Molenda!

Read on to learn how to brew up a batch of your own...

"Coffee is one of those touchy subjects. From working with clients 1 on 1, I've come to realize that coffee is something people hold very near and dear to their hearts. When it comes to proposing they remove it from their diet for a short period of time to see if their digestive, anxiety or stress issues improve, people tend to get quite defensive. To be honest, I totally get it! Coffee is more than just a bread-and-butter staple in someone's day – it's a source of happiness (there's an emotional connection!), a boost of energy and in many cases, it's some people's life lines to making it through the day.

Personally, I don't like victimizing foods. It doesn't set us up to have the healthiest relationship with food. In fact, when sourced ethically and with quality in mind, coffee can actually come with a handful of health benefits. The moment that I do have a bit of a "disagreement" with coffee is:

  • When it becomes something we feel to need to rely on
  • When it's causing or worsening digestive issues, stress/anxiety (adrenal health) and hormonal imbalances

In an ideal world, I would love it if we could rely on nothing but wholesome nutrient-dense food along with the odd supplement (such as probiotics, vitamin D and a multivitamin) to support our health on the daily. I often hear people say things like "I can't live without coffee!" or "I can't start my morning until I've had a coffee". But we shouldn't need something to get through our day, other than food and water which we actually need to survive.

It's like coffee rules our life or holds so much power over our decisions. When we find ourselves at that point, sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves – is what we're doing serving us, and if it not, are we ready to let it go? For those that are having trouble breaking up with coffee (even for a short while), Joy offers some great realistic tips on pg. 96 of Joyous Detox!

Now before you coffee lovers scurry off, hear me out :) I'm not here to bash coffee. In fact, I enjoy 1-2 cups of high quality coffee per week myself (merely for the taste, not the energy boosting effects). I believe there's a way to establish a better and healthier relationship with coffee, simply by educating ourselves on the effects of coffee (as listed above), knowing healthier ways to consume it and having nourishing alternatives on hand (which you'll find below). 

Now if you're going to consume the old coffee, let's make it the healthiest it can be! 

  • Keep coffee 45 minutes away from food to prevent it from interfering with digestion. 
  • Before reaching for a cup of joe, ask yourself: am I tired and looking for this as an energy boost, or do I feel in control and merely want to enjoy the taste? If it's the latter, and you haven't overdone it in the coffee department in the week, I say "treat yo' self!" (those suffering with digestive, stress and hormonal issues aside). 
  • Be sure to hydrate. For every 1 cup of coffee, make sure you are having 2 cups of water as it has a dehydrating effect which can cause a whole other set of issues in the body.
  • Reduce your consumption! If you're currently having 1 coffee/day, have 1 coffee every other day. On the odd days, swap in a healthier alternative such as a herbal tea, or Joy's Turmeric Ginger Tea, or my Dandy Blend Tea Latte.


    Dandy – what?! Dandy Blend!

    This is a nutritious blend of dandelion, chicory root, barley and rye extracts that act as an instant herbal coffee substitute.

    It doesn't have the same effects as coffee does, so don't be turning to this stuff and expecting to a get a big rush, but it does have somewhat of a similar taste and will satisfy that coziness you look for in a cup. The great thing about this is that it will not affect your digestion like coffee does, it doesn't dehydrate you and it is loaded with nourishing herbs that will actually support your health.

    Now your average coffee connoissuer might not be entirely thrilled about this *cough* Walker *cough* but for the average person who just enjoys the taste and coziness that coffee brings, Dandy Blend is about to become your best friend! You can typically find it at your local health food store or online on Amazon.

    I don't love it on it's own just in water so I turn it into a bit of a frothy latte, simply by adding a dash of almond or coconut milk to it and whipping it up in the blender.

    It's that easy, not to mention, an incredibly economical choice next to your daily coffee (those puppies can add up!) So what do you say, are you up for the challenge? Take it for a whirl and let me know what you think!"

    Reference: https://www.joyoushealth.com/27095-blog-dandy-blend-tea-your-herbal-coffee-alternative